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Graduation for Alex Jenkin’s

A big shout out to the amazing Alex Jenkins who’s been on the Greenhouse for the last couple of years. He’s had some great projects with us, and now it’s time for him to spread his wings and graduate onto Strange Beast. The greenhouse is an incubator for emerging talent to help people navigate into … Continued

By Becky Perryman @ June 20 '23

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Happy Graduation

We wanted to give a big shout-out to Tjoff Koong Studios, who have graduated from Greenhouse onto the Passion Animation roster. They have been on Greenhouse from the beginning, so it’s very exciting to have them fly the nest and spread their wings. We couldn’t be prouder. https://www.passion-pictures.com/director/tjoff-koong-studios/

By Becky Perryman @ September 28 '22

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The Legend of SuperEarth

Alex Jenkins teams up with Adidas Originals and Sean Wotherspoon for another episode of SuperEarth. Watch now.

By Becky Perryman @ September 30 '21

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