Izzy Burton

Izzy Burton is an award-winning Director and Artist working in Animation and Publishing. 
With a background in 3D Animation and recent experience in 2D and stop-motion, Izzy has a broad understanding in various animation techniques. She has skilfully managed to master the art of producing compelling cinematic scenes inspired by nature and her surroundings. 
With her highly recognisable use of colour and whimsical ideas, her stories are set in atmospheric and illustrative worlds that feel emotional, vibrant and dreamy. Emotive storytelling is core to Izzy’s style and spends her spare time writing children’s novels, illustrating children’s books and designing board games. 
Named one of ‘Animation Magazine’s’ Rising Stars of Animation in 2018, Izzy has recently worked as a Lead Artist at Netflix, an Art Director at Golden Wolf and created development artwork for a Cartoon Network TV series and a UK-based feature film.

Izzy is currently developing her longest short film to date, giving her an opportunity to show off her directing skills with an emotive story.