Our relationship with our womb is never simple #wombstories

Womb Stories

“Our bodies are nothing to be ashamed of, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t often a pain in the arse. The bitter, sweet, painful, pleasurable, weird and wonderful. We love them and hate them. Because it’s never simple. Take a look inside the secret life of wombs.”

The latest advert from AMV and Framestore directed by @nisha.ganatra aims to take the stigma and shame away from womb stories that are never simple.

Laura-Jayne Hodkins was one of the many talented female animators who collaborated on this project. Check their work out below and the full film. For more info about the project head to the bodyform website HERE.

Animation contributors: @laurajaneyh@carinekhalife@sallalehmus@kateisobelscott