Phoebe McCaughley

Phoebe McCaughley is an up-and-coming stop-motion director and animator based in London. She has an incredible ability to recreate natural movement in her characters that feel tangible and alive. Phoebe is interested in creating animations that touch on relatable aspects of life and presents them in new and innovative ways.

Colour pallet and art direction are essential elements to her work, from using muted colour palettes to create nostalgic atmospheres or using vibrant textiles, Phoebe creates joyful fantastical environments. Using various raw materials that enrich her sets' texture, physicality, and playfulness enhancing her storytelling abilities to the next level.

With entirely handmade models, Phoebe can tell intrinsic human narratives that deal with complex topics such as motherhood and mental health, explored with a unique element of light-heartedness.

Clients include Alexander McQueen and Atlantic Records.